Organic Certification Consulting  
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Organic Standards

The USDA National Organic Standards apply to all products sold using the terms "organic," "organically grown," "made with organic ingredients" and similar marketing terms in the United States. 

For a complete copy of the National Organic Standards, go to the USDA-NOP website at and click on "NOP Regulations" then on "Electronic Code of Federal Regulations."

If you plan to sell products outside the United States, you may need certification to additional standards.  Japan, Korea, Europe and Canada have adopted organic standards that are similar to, but not identical to the US Standards.

With demand for local food continuing to grow, you may prefer to market your products directly to local consumers from a farm stand or farmers market. 

While very small farms (with organic sales under $5000 per year) are exempt from certification, any products that are marketed as organic must meet the same standards as certified organic products.

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