Organic Certification Consulting  
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Certification Requirements

Some basic requirements apply to all types of operations seeking organic certification:

(1) Develop an organic management plan

(2) Document all practices and procedures

(3) Maintain records of all transactions and activities

(4) Monitor how well the system achieves its goals; continuous improvement

In addition, different kinds of operations must meet specific requirements:


(1) Build a healthy soil ecosystem through crop rotation, cover cropping, use of plant or animal materials and allowed input products

(2) Increase biodiversity in the soil, in cropping systems and on the whole farm

(3) Avoid synthetic chemical inputs such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and commercial fertilizers

(4) Build organic matter content in the soil

(5) Prevent commingling and contamination of crops

(1) Document sources of organic ingredients and products

(2) Clean and sanitize food contact surfaces with allowed materials

(3) Prevent contamination and commingling of organic products

(4) Adequate training for workers

(5) Use preventative pest management before considering any use of pest control materials


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(1) Send application (your organic management plan) to an accredited certifier

(2) Certifier review; may contact you with questions

(3) Inspection - verification of plan, observation

(4) Final certifier review

(5) Certification decision

You will have a chance to correct any problems the certifier identifies in the review!
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